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    Transformational Leadership

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    How is transformational leadership as an enhancement to organizational leaders?

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    This question is straightforward. Let's look at some of the leadership research, which you can then draw on for your final copy.

    Burns (1978) defines transforming leadership as "a process in which one or more people engage with others in such a way that leaders and followers raise one another to higher levels of motivation and morality" (p. 20). In fact, he explains that transforming leaders engage in collective purpose linked to social change, with the ultimate objective of achieving goals that enhance the well being of human existence. Transformational leadership enhances organizational leaders through specific characteristics associated with transformational leadership.

    From one source:

    Transformational leadership greatly increases the ability to organizational leaders to influence an increase in staff collaboration and changed attitude for work related behavior. For example, according to Leithwood, the effect of transformational leadership is "uniformly positive." Although his conclusions were directed towards educational organizations, it is equally applicable to other organizational leaders as well. He cites two findings from his own studies:

    1. Transformational leadership practices have a sizable influence on [staff] collaboration, and
    2. Significant relationships exist between aspects of transformational leadership and [the staffs] own reports of changes in both attitudes toward [organizational] improvement and altered [work] behavior (Leithwood).

    In addition to ...

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