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    Organizational Evaluation Techniques

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    Use academic research and develop a report at emphasizes measurement and evaluating techniques can be used in leadership in automobile industry.

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    One very important measurement and evaluation technique that can be used in leadership in the automobile industry would be the outcome evaluation. This is a statistical technique that will analyze the outcomes of specific activities within the automotive industry, in relation to the desired outcomes of the specific activities, and seeks to ascertain the difference between the actual outcomes and the desired outcomes. This technique could be used in a variety of different areas within the automobile industry, which includes manufacturing. An example of an outcome evaluation of this nature would be the desire by the senior leadership within an automobile company to produce 1000 cars per month at a particular plant, and this plant produces 500 cars per month. A statistical outcome evaluation would ascertain that this plant is working at 50% capacity, or producing 50% of the number of automobiles that are desired by organizational leadership. The outcome of this evaluation would make it crystal clear to organizational leadership that pertinent changes need to be made in order to double the number of automobiles that are being produced at that particular plant. Leadership within the automobile industry could also utilize outcome evaluations and deciding what number of staff members would be optimal in gaining the productivity results that organizational leadership would be seeking. If the leadership within the organization desires that 1000 cars per month be produced by the 200 employees within a particular plant and only 500 cars are being produced by this number of individuals. Then this statistical outcome evaluation would lead the leadership within the organization to make a determination that there needs to be a 100% increase in the number of staff members within the organization, in order to reach the production of 1000 cars per month. Which would essentially mean that organizational leadership would have to ...

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