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promotes roles, behaviors, and work outcomes for evaluation

Imagine a performance evaluation system that promotes roles, behaviors, and work outcomes appropriate to achieve organizational strategic objectives throughout the firm. What would such a system look like? Would it be similar to the one used in your organization? How would individual and/or team performance assessment be conducted? What tools would you recommend? Would you use MBO or another system?

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Performance evaluation is a tool used by an organization in measuring the outputs produced by an employee in the performance of his job. It is a way to gather feedback on the extent an employee has been meeting performance standards and the possible contributory or deterrent factors.
Performance evaluation that may also be termed as performance appraisal or review is conducted to provide information that would be used in decisions on: compensation, training, transfer, and promotion of employees.
Basically, performance evaluation must not create an impression that it is a way to penalize ...

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The solution discusses promoting roles, behaviors, and work outcomes for evaluation.