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    A Personal Organizational Concern

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    See the case study following the questions.

    1. Analyze and justified one aspect you would like to change within your team within the organization to make it more successful, make your life better, or make the team function better.

    2. Describe and analyze the formation and chemistry of the team.

    3. Analyze how team performance measures impact the team.

    4. Analyze and justified the common myths, such as leadership myths or team myths, which exist within the team.

    A Personal Organizational Concern

    The purpose of this project is to provide a real-world situation in which what you learn in your course materials will make a difference. First, analyze your personal team environment, and then, offer suggestions to be used to overcome team challenges. This methodology allows you to take theory into the real world and to see how you can bring about needed changes.

    The final project is a real-world analysis of your own team experience. The project will apply the key theories, functions, principles, concepts, techniques, and vocabulary of teams toward understanding your team's current challenge. You may involve your team leader in this exercise. Provide a detailed analysis of the challenges faced by your team, and design strategies to address these challenges.

    Final Project Description

    Consider a common team challenge in your organization. In case you have never worked in an organization, ask a friend or relative for the information. If you could change one aspect within your team within the organization to make it more successful, make your life better, or make the team function better, what would it be?

    Be detailed in describing the current situation in your team - what are the facts such as team makeup, team pressures, and team chemistry? Please DO NOT present solutions at this time. If you do, you'll start to bias the solution with your existing mentality. Consider multiple perspectives from various stakeholders within the team. How might the views differ among the various stakeholders? You can also obtain the big challenge from a team leader. Clearly identify the following within the team:

    - What is the current formation and chemistry of the team?
    - How do team performance measures impact the team?
    - What are the common myths, such as leadership myths or team myths, which exist within the team?

    In essence, I am writing my own case study. In addition, include a general description of the organization. What does the organization do? How many departments are there? On which department are you focusing? How many members or teams are there in the department? What is the hierarchy in the department?

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    A Personal Organizational Concern (Educational Organization)

    Personal Team Environment:

    ABC educational organization is an organization which ensures the success of the today's child as it ensures that they begin their educational life at the right step as they are going to be provided with the best possible education and training that will play a big role in ensuring a brighter future for the enrolled students. ABC Educational organization is not only a conglomerate of schools providing education, but a conglomerate of schools which provides a sound, quality and high standard education for both secondary, primary and Nursery school students from all across the globe (Chrisland educational organization, n.d).

    The organization has three major departments such as the managers department, the staff department and the student's department. The main focus of the case is however on the staff department. The hierarchy of the staff department involves the team leader who is the school principal and the team followers who are the teaching staff members.

    Analyzed And Justified Aspect To Change:

    Within the educational organization, there are several challenges which are associated with the better performance of the institution as a whole and in turn affect the performance of the students enrolled in the Institution. One of the aspects to change in the organization to assist in the elimination of this challenge is the team cohesion aspect among the staff members of the institution.

    Team cohesion is considered an issue within ...

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