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    Meditated Communication in Organizations

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    Mediated communication and social media (e.g., email, blogs, Facebook, Skype, and Twitter) have played a major role in changing the way that organizations engage in communication with their customers and with employees internally. Communicating through electronic media is referred to as mediated communication. There are pros and cons to using mediated communication in the work environment. How do you believe mediated communication has improved organizational communication? How has it hurt organizational communication? Provide examples to illustrate your point.

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    Mediated communication has changed the work environment. This method of communication has enabled co-workers to quickly dispatch memos, include a wide variety of receivers in the conversation, send attachments, and interact at a faster pace than ever before. Associates can meet each other virtually through Facetime or Skype, without ever leaving the office. This increases communication, and can reduce travel time and costs. Twitter and Facebook help establish a corporate ...

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    This detailed solution discusses mediated communication in the workplace, discussing how mediated communication has improved organizational communication and how it has hurt organizational communication. It includes examples.