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    Plans Impacting Organizational Change

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    Locate and review two scholarly resources to discuss ways in which planning impacts organizational change. Analyze the studies for communication failures and summarize the reasons behind the failures. Also explain how you avoid failure, and repair or rebuild communication channels to facilitate change in a similar situation.

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    //In this paper, we will discuss the changes that an organization goes through and how it plans and manages the change that is to be undertaken. Along with this, there will be a discussion about the importance of planning in managing organizational change. There will also be a description about various communication failures and how these failures can be corrected. //

    Changes in organization are undertaken with a view to ensure that these changes are incorporated and implemented in a smooth and effective manner. These changes can be undertaken for various purposes and for this, it is important to plan the way in which changes should be adopted and followed in the organization (Neubert, 2007). Therefore, planning plays an important role in identifying the success of the change that is to be incorporated.

    Communication is another important aspect for ensuring effective performance of the organization, but, is usually missing at the workplace. This is termed as communication failure as the organizations are unable to handle the communication process in an effective manner. The organizations usually come across three types of communication failures like ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 664 words with references.