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    three characteristics of a learning organizations.

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    1. Identify and explain three characteristics of a learning organizations.
    2. Explain how an organization's human resources can contribute to the competitive advantage.
    3. Explain the link between organizational and individual goals.
    4. List three potential barriers organizations encounter in their attempts to implement change and explain why they are barriers.
    5. Discuss how an organization can enhance the environment for its employees.
    6. Describe how changing demographics in our population are impacting the benefit packages.
    7. Describe three challenges an organization will face due to more diversity in the work place.
    8. Indentify things that both the employer and the employee can do to reduce or eliminate the effects of the glass ceiling.
    9. Describe how an organization can enhance the chances of success for entry-level applicants.
    10. Explain the manager's role in preparing employees to accomplish the goals and objectives of an organization.

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