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    Role of trust and tacitness

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    Read: Learning and Innovation in International Strategic Alliances: An Empirical Test of the Role of Trust and Tacitness - Bo Bernhard Nielsen

    Analyze the journal article with regard to the proposed integrated framework in which knowledge tacitness and trust act as mediating mechanisms in the relationship between partner characteristics and alliance outcomes. What are the implications of the findings in this article for how innovation results? Any real-life examples?

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    The integrated framework in which tacitness and trust are key mechanisms that mediate relationships between partner characteristics and alliance outcomes says that tacitness and codification should be balanced. The framework focuses on the role of trust and tacitness in knowledge acquisition and application. The study gives evidence that learning and innovation are related but distinct outcomes of inter-firm knowledge management processes. The study shows that trust and tacitness play differing roles in the pursuit of learning and innovation. According to the study even though tacitness inhibits inter-organizational learning, it has a simultaneous positive influence on innovation. This study refutes the argument that knowledge has to be codified to allow a partner firm to absorb and internalize it. According to this framework it is ...

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