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Ethics, Code of Conduct in Management

1. What is the difference between personal and organizational ethics? How do they relate? Can personal ethics conflict with the culture of an organization? Explain. What are the benefits of an organization that chooses to incorporate ethical training into its culture?

2. How do ethics become ground rules for individual and group morals, values, virtues, etc.? How can these ground rules formulate into ethical codes of conduct for employees? Ethics training by organizations is seen by some as the method to controlling the behavior of employees. Do you agree or disagree? Explain.

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Personal and organizational ethics are defined,explained and differentiated with their association/relation analysed for the purpose of explaining how personal and organizational ethics affect & influence each other. Ethics- as acomponent orelement of cultureis also discussedtoexplain how it 'creates' corporate values, group cutlture, ethics, values & virtues - thecollective concensus norm. Ethical codes and ground rules are also discussed in relation to controlling employee behaviour. A word version is attached for easy printing. The solution follows the APA-format and a word version is attached for easy printing.