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Biographical data for organizational behavior

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In today's increasingly competitive and demanding workplace, managers can't succeed on their technical skills alone according to Stephen P Robbinsons author of Organizational Behavior (2005). Technical skills is one of many aptitudes managers need. Name at least 3 other organizational behaviors skills and why managers need to be familiar with these skills?

Where can a manager find biographical data about an employee?

What can biographical data tell a manager about their employees?

What can a manager do to get a compatible ability-job fit?

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In today's competitive and demanding workplace, managers, apart from their technical skills, need to possess a wide range of soft skills as well, such as:

1) Communication skills to ensure effective two way communication between the employees at all levels.

2) Leadership skills to guide and motivate the behavior of subordinates in the right direction.

3) Change management skills to overcome key resistances during change management plans, which is a common feature in today's competitive workplace.

Where can a manager find biographical data about an employee?

Managers can collect biographical data about an employee via behavioral interviews, questionnaires, communication with past employers/ references of ...

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Where can a manager find biographical data about an employee?

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