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    Designing a Case Study

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    Hello, I need help building a 2100-2800 word case study that explores the organizational behavior aspects of the North Carolina Department of Corrections and follows the organization style of a dissertation.

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    I am sure that the dissertation guidelines are already available to you from your university, but here is another reference. Sample Dissertation Guidelines and Formatting Example from a University of Michigan Graduate

    - http://www.rackham.umich.edu/downloads/oard-dissertation-format-guidelines.pdf
    - http://www.rackham.umich.edu/downloads/oard-dissertation-handbook.pdf

    Just by doing preliminary online research on this subject, I would strongly suggest that once you have your general outline, that you contact the principal NCDPS officials and tell them your intentions, along with your outline, your resume and a link to your university, and a letter assuring them that their organization and the public information about their officials will be treated with utmost respect. If they say no, they don't want to be the subject of a college dissertation, then you may need to get another subject for your dissertation. If they say yes, unless they specifically offer to help, in my opinion it would be wise not to solicit it, just do your own research based on public documents and references. Perhaps my caution is overstated, please talk to your dissertation professors about this.

    I could not find the name of the current State Corrections secretary - the last one's tenure ended in 2011. If you contact them, perhaps you could get a name and perhaps a biographical link, if one has been appointed.

    * An overview of the principles of Organizational behavior ...

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