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    Designing a Hypothesis Test

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    How do you design a test pilot and what would it look like once finished? The situation I have involves a local clinical practice for individuals who show signs of depression. The doctor has noticed that some of her clients do better when they participate in group interventions, and others make more progress when she sees them individually. She has developed a 20-minute intake interview that can be conducted by a graduate assistant or caseworker in her office. The purpose of this interview is to notice and identify the type of treatment (group or individual) that is likely to work best for each client.

    Do I need research software such as ANOVA or something of the sort? Do I run those numbers and develop the pilot test?

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    ANOVA Analysis is usually used when the number of groups or samples involved in the hypothesis research study is 3 or more than 3. In the given case study, the number of samples or groups involved is 2, ...

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