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Jul 2009
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  • BSc, Banaras Hindu University, 2002
  • MSc, Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee (I.I.T.-ROORKEE), 2004


  • Physics
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Regression and Correlation Analysis.

Using MINITAB perform the regression and correlation analysis for the data on CREDIT BALANCE (Y) and SIZE (X) by answering the following.

1. Generate a scatterplot for CREDIT BALANCE vs. SIZE, including the graph of the best fit line. Interpret.

2. Determine the equation of the best fit line READ MORE »

Statistics / Correlation and Regression Analysis / Regression Analysis » 428026

Forecast Future Inventory Costs

Summer Historical Inventory Data

Typical Seasonal Demand for Summer Highs

Actual Demands (in units)

Month Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Forecast
1 18,000 45,100 59,800 35,500
2 19,800 46,530 30,740 51,250
3 15,700 22,100 47,800 34,400
4 53,600 41,350 73,890 68,000

Statistics / Descriptive Statistics / Statistical Figures / Histogram » 354362

Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals

Your manager has speculated the following:
a. the average (mean) annual income was less than $50,000,
b. the true population proportion of customers who live in an urban area exceeds 40%,
c. the average (mean) number of years lived in the current home is less than 13 years,
d. the average (mean) READ MORE »

Statistics / Hypothesis Testing » 428025

5-Step Hypothesis Test - 45 Problems

See attached files.

I need help answering the following questions. This is all the information that I have to answer these questions. Can you please put the answers to each question under the question in the space provided or pick one of the multiple choice answers or select true or false pl READ MORE »

Statistics / Hypothesis Testing » 297737

Queuing and Process Simulation Modeling

Michael's Tire Company performs free tire balance and rotation for the life of any tires purchased there on a first-come, first-served basis. One mechanic handles this and can usually complete the job in an average of 20 minutes. Customers arrive at an average rate of two per hour for this service.

Mathematics / Probability » 349868
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