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    Impact of Physical Environment on Non-verbal Communication

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    The physical environment has a big impact on nonverbal communication. Identify a referenced source that talks about the impact of a physical environment on people who work there (either generally, of in a specific case). Define each of the following terms and tell how it relates to the overall issue of nonverbal communication in the workplace: Proxemics; Chronemics; Clothing; Architecture, lighting, and physical environment. If you were designing the 'optimum' physical environment for an office workplace (to have employees feel comfortable, motivated, and productive) what would that office space look like?

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    According to http://www.reference.com/browse/Nonverbal+communication

    Proxemics is the study of how people use and perceive the physical space around them. The space between the sender and the receiver of a message influences the way the message is interpreted.

    Chronemics is the study of the use of time in nonverbal communication.

    Clothing, architecture, lighting, and physical environment are ...

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    This gives information on how physical environment can impact workers.