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    Non-verbal and Verbal Communication Technique for Speeches

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    Becoming effective when giving speeches and presentations takes skill and practice. Numerous leaders, public speakers, news reporters and more give speeches on a regular basis. They are required to consider the topic and the audience when preparing for a speech. Verbal and non-verbal communication impact the communication of the speaker. Even the best of speakers can make improvements or changes in their speeches.

    Please use examples to reinforce your ideas:

    What is the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication?

    I would like the post to be between 300-400 words and include reference if any are used.

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    I am a presenter and earned a Masters degree in Communication with an emphasis in Public Speaking, so what I am about to share comes from personal experience. Giving presentations is both an art and a science. I refer to it as an "art" because when speeches are brilliant, they are both entertaining and informational. They hold the audience's attention because of ...

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    Giving brilliant speeches and presentations using non-verbal and communication is something to master over time. The audience is more likely to enjoy and retain the information presented from a speaker who skillfully uses both non-verbal and verbal communication.