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    Organization culture

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    What are the key elements that define a culture?

    How does a company overcome ethnocentricity?

    How do attitudes, values, customs and beliefs shape culture?

    What are "effective" strategies for a global company to adapt to a local culture?

    What elements of other cultures (in general) must a company be aware of to operate profitably and successfully?

    How do attitudes toward work, leisure, time, change, family, social mobility and religion shape a culture?

    What influence does corporate/ personal verbal and non-verbal communication have on cultural understanding?

    What impact does the physical environment have on culture?

    How are education and technology linked to culture?

    How does the mass media shape culture, public opinion, marketing and advertising?

    What positive and negative impact do politics and a countries legal system have on international companies?

    In your thinking why is culture awareness a major factor for international companies to consider in today's global marketplace?

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