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Organizational Culture

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What is meant by the term organizational culture? What are the observable aspects of organization culture? What conclusions can be drawn from an initial visit to an organization? How can you use those conclusions to identify organizational culture?

150 words please, reference in APA format.

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// Before directly writing about the Organizational Culture; it is necessary to understand the meaning of the term 'Organizational Culture'. In this concern, I am explaining the observable aspects of this particular concept, which would surely assist you in developing the clarity of thought in the following manner: //

Organizational Culture

Organizational ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 255 words with references.

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Examination of organizational culture in at least three health care organizations

I am responsible for doing the individual portion of "examine the organizational culture in three health care organizations in the U.S. Please provide references for me.

Here is some background information as well:

The CEO of Jones Memorial has made organizational culture a major priority. He believes that changing the culture will affect how employees contribute to the hospital's mission.

You are a member of a work group whose task is to develop a report to senior managers articulating the need to manage organizational culture. The report should include the following:

* an explanation of organizational culture and its relationship to organizational mission
* an examination of organizational culture in at least three model health care organizations
* recommended action steps that can be used to modify organizational culture in Jones Memorial

I am having a hard time getting started and then also being able to find enough information on three organizations' culture that are answering what is being asked. Any information, help and/or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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