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    Model of an organization culture

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    Utilizing your experience please propose the following with detail and specific, please be somewhat extensive with your answer and if needed to cite.

    Please propose a model of organizational culture.

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    Model of organizational culture

    Organization culture consists of shared beliefs, shared values and assumptions. These reflect in all transactions members are having between them and between members of Organization and Environment. It is a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes the organization with other organizations.

    Important observation about culture is that when culture is strong in any organization its core values are both intensely shared and widely held across the Organization. The point which is particularly appealing is it creates an internal climate of high behavior control. There is strong unity of purpose. The purpose builds cohesiveness, loyalty, and organizational commitment. If take example of an admired organizations where there is strong work ethic; automatically all the above will follow.

    Therefore as OB specialist or HR manager challenge is how we can create a culture which creates and reinforces above. We have to go in detail of all facets of Organization Culture so that we can achieve twin objectives of high performance and employee satisfaction.

    The base on which superstructure is built they are ethos, the fundamental character or spirit of culture. These have to be made part of Organization Culture through role modeling by managers, communication and reinforcement of these behaviors. They are as following also abbreviated as OCTAPACE:

    ? Openness-A spontaneous expression of feeling and thoughts and sharing the same without defensiveness.
    ? Confrontation-Facing rather than shying away from problem
    ? Trust: Honoring mutual commitments and obligations.
    ? Authenticity: Congruence between feeling and doing
    ? Proactive-ness: Taking initiative, pre-planning, and taking preventive ...

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