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    Models of Organization Culture, Structure, Processes,Control

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    Can you propose a model of organizational culture, structure, processes, and controls to best foster a disciplined, bottom-line-focused organization with the balance to assure innovation and discovery. Apart from proposing a model, defend why it is believed to be an effective approach to the balance between discipline and innovation. You must refer to at least three peer-reviewed journal articles in your response.

    P.S. If you are going to provide just references to external links then, please DO NOT respond to this post. Also, when providing references, please make sure I am allowed or able to retrieve those references (they should NOT be from subscribed websites etc).

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    STEP 1
    Model Of organizational culture:
    1. An open culture where there is less formality. This is important to foster innovation.
    2. A culture of accountability for every person and every team: a culture of end to end responsibility.
    3. A culture of cross functionality for every employee: The employees willing to do any work in their team and not limited to their functional area.
    4. A culture of increasing customer satisfaction;
    5. The organization has a culture of flexibility and adaptability.
    6. An organization that is open to signals from the business environment and is prepared to capitalize on new opportunities; The culture should promote openness, teamwork and collaboration.
    The culture should encourage empowerment of employees, greater responsibility and well being.

    STEP 2
    Model of organizational structure;
    1. The horizontal structure as this promotes a more participative form of management.
    2. There are only one or two levels of management.
    3. Flat structure that stresses a decentralized approach to management that encourages high involvement in ...

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