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Organizational Development (OD) and Open Systems Theory (OST)

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Background Readings:
Falletta, S.V. (2005) Organizational Diagnostic Models: A Review and Synthesis. Retrieved 11/14/09 from http://www.leadersphere.com/img/OrgmodelsR2009.pdf


Make a Case for which organizational diagnosis (OD) model you think is the best for doing an OD analysis for National Presto Industries, Inc., based on several current issues the company is facing. There are several parts to this assignment.


1. As the warrant for your case, explain the purpose and the value of conducting an OD diagnosis.

2. Then briefly evaluate each of the models presented in the background reading by Falletta. Omit Falletta's Org Intel model. Do NOT merely describe the models. You need to infer and comment on their strengths and weaknesses, and specifically indicate what type of organizational problem or functional area would benefit from an analysis using each model. This too will add to the warrant for your Case.

3. Now, make a case. Once you have discussed each of the eleven models, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they could best be applied, identify the model that you would choose for use in your analysis of the chosen company. First, introduce the company and describe its products/services. Then clearly explain the issues you are most concerned about. Then explain why your selection would be the best choice. You may want to find more data/information about the chosen model to make a stronger case with more backing.

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Organizational development and open systems theory is examined.

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Organizational Diagnosis

Purpose of conducting organizational diagnosis
Organizational diagnosis is an exercise that analyzes an organization current position to identify whether there is need for change in order to improve performance. Organizational diagnosis examines the culture, structure and systems within an organization to identify whether there are working efficiently and effectively. Diagnosis is termed as an investigation that provides where a company currently is and where it ought to be (Beer & Spector, 1993). When a firm conducts an organizational diagnosis it is able to identify strengths and weaknesses in its systems and structure thus develop measures to improve company performance. A diagnosis investigation focuses on group and individual objectives, job organization, skills required, how adaptable is the company to change and other factors affecting company effectiveness. Organizational diagnosis is essential in every organization since it determines whether a company will be successful through the identification and minimizing any factors that limit company performance (Leadersphere, 2008).
Organizational diagnosis models
Weisbord's six box model
The model was developed in 1976 and has six variables that include purpose, leadership, rewards, relationships, structure and helpful mechanisms. The model is applied in an organization to identify causes of undesired outputs by asking questions relating to the six variables. The model identifies differences in current operations as compared to desired operations and also gaps in organizational systems. Six box model is used to investigate internal issues to identify difference in what is and what ought to be. The model has strength in that it is easy to use and understand (Leadersphere, 2008). Its weakness is that it does not provide the degree to which gaps in systems and structure affect company effectiveness. The model only focuses on internal issues and does consider external environment effect on the organization.
McKinsey 7S framework
Variables that are examined in this model include style, staff, systems, skills, strategy, structure, and shared values. The model is applied in an organization to investigate whether company's inputs such as skills, strategy and structure align with company objectives (Leadersphere, 2008). A change in any of the variables will eventually cause change in other variables. The model has strength in that in analyzes essential variables that affect organizational performance and it is simple to use. However, the model does not ...

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