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    Organizational Development and Open Systems Theory

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    What did you learn from Bus 599 and how will it be useful.

    Bus 599
    Analyze Organizational Development (OD) and Open Systems Theory (OST) Perspectives. OD models and determined which one would be best for the chosen organization. Several different models analyzed the inputs, outputs, and throughputs of the organization and determine how well these factors create synergy (or not), support strategy, and generate profitability. OST and theory of feedback loops to analyze learning opportunities for the company.

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    Consider the organizational development on the position of field research, theory, and practice aimed in expanding the overall knowledge for targeted industry effectiveness of people. In design the organizational development is most utilized based on an organization that requires more freedom of restructuring for producing more efficient over the long period of time. Keep in mind, the organization development is on the pursuit for improving the internal network of organizations that serves the value of guiding practices (processes, protocols, and procedures) in sustaining business continuity.
    Therefore, the final selection of a company is imperative to delivering certain support to properly developing department needs on the basis relating to the following:

    a) Planning on initiatives ...

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    The review into Organizational Development (OD) and Open Systems Theory (OST) perspectives in reaching the targeted industry marketplace.