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    Nutrisystem, Inc.'s Organizational Structure

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    1. What is open systems theory? How can open systems theory be used to understand an organization? Discuss how open systems theory could apply to an organization to which you belong; or you could discuss applying open systems theory to NutriSystem, Inc.

    2. OD - How does OD relate to Strategy? How do you think the top management team at Nutrisystem could use OD to inform its thinking about strategy?

    Inputs - What are some of the important inputs to an organization to which you belong?

    Marketing Strategy (Generic Strategy) - price and product development. And also Market Saturation. How do these relate to each other? How are they best analyzed and developed into a strategy?

    Discuss the connection or relationships, if any, among Org Development, Inputs to an organization, and Marketing Strategy (Generic Strategy)?

    3. There is a flow, a connection between inputs and outputs, and some transformation processes.

    Discuss this general topic of analyzing and reviewing alignment and congruence, inputs, outputs, and processes. Is there really any value in doing this type of analysis? If so, what? How would you go about actually using this information in an organization, e.g. your own? or Nutrisystem?

    In the SLP, you have started working with CVP analysis. Is this a useful approach? Give us your thoughts.

    4. What is meant by "organizational structure"? What are the components of organizational structure?

    Does Nutrisystem, Inc.'s organizational structure fit or follow from its strategy? Is it important that an organization's structure follow from its strategy? In the case of NutriSystem, Inc. are strategy and structure aligned? Can you think of examples of organizations in which the strategy follows from the structure?

    What is the situation in an organization to which you belong?

    5. Are the ideas of balancing and reinforcing loops useful?

    Can you provide examples of these "loops" in an organization to which you belong? Put yourself in the place of a member of the top management team at NutriSystems, Inc. How might you use the concept of feedback loops to improve the business and manage better?

    What are the implications of feedback loops for organizational strategy?

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    This posting looks at Nutrisystem, Inc.'s organizational structure. It looks at it from an open systems theory point of view and proceeds into looking at the organization from other aspects such as inputs and outputs, as well as from a marketing strategy perspective.