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    Google Inc: Structure & Culture

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    1.Describe the organizational structure of Google. .
    2.Describe the organizational culture of Google.
    3.Based on what you have observed, in what ways does Google's culture affect the behavior of employees?
    4.Suppose a company that fosters creativity through a flexible work environment (e.g. Google) announced its merger with a company known for having a very rigid, traditional work environment. Both companies have experienced great success and are leaders in their field. . . so what could go wrong?

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    Step 1
    The organizational structure of Google begins with the board which has appointed an executive management group. The group has appointed heads of engineering, products, sales, legal, and finance (a). This means there is a combination of product and function teams. From one perspective it is a matrix organization, from another perspective it is a team structure. It is a horizontal structure.

    Step 2
    Google's culture is a ...

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