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Google's organizational design and structural organization

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Research information on the company Google.
Research in detail of how Google applies or utilizes the concepts of motivation, communication, power, achievement, forms and sources of power in the company, and organizational design and structural organization. Include Google's political behavior within the organization and critical analysis. Also include logical and cohesive development of thoughts, ideas and recommendations including references to support.

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The Google name often appears in articles related to management, employee satisfaction, chaos theory, motivation, and organizational structure. The organization is said to possess a relatively flat structure with little hierarchy. While this structure alone can encourage employee contribution creativity, and improved job satisfaction, it also provides additional benefit to the organization as a whole. Employees, in general, are satisfied with their positions at Google. Some experts claim the unusually generous benefits, such as gym facilities, use of laundry facilities, five star restaurant food, time allowed for personal projects, and other unique perks as one of the main contributors to employee satisfaction. However, there are other factors that contribute greatly to employee satisfaction and relatively low turnover.

- Google offers plenty of autonomy with its flat structure, small work groups, and culture that embraces creativity.
Google communication is often very informal. This helps foster an environment where employees feel comfortable confronting or conversing with managers. It also cuts out the middleman and saves Time in getting projects completed, as there is less time spent going through official channels, as would happen in an organization with a less flat and more hierarchical organizational structure.

- Power at Google is a shared ...

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Google's organizational design and structural organizations are examined.

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