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Strategize Structural Aspects for an Organization

In a question we discussed in our class about structure, leadership, or culture being neglected when implementing a strategy, the following question was brought up. Can anyone offer some input?

If structure is important, how should we go about strategizing structural aspects for the 21st century organization?

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An organization's structure determines the quality of service it delivers and if an organization has a 'wrong' design, it will only provide unsatisfactory services even if the organization has the best and most qualified personnel. In order to increase the productivity of the personnel and the professionals, there is a need for a change in the organizational structure by keeping the best in the traditional hierarchy and at the same time, recognizing the value of the people who initiate ideas, innovate and contribute in the generation of revenues in the organization. Companies can modify their current vertical structures and let these professionals focus on their defined tasks.

In the 21st century, new types of organizations have emerged and they have different ways of doing business. These new ...

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452 words; 3 references; how organizations can strategize their structural aspects in consideration with the recent situation