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    types of structural placement of the IT function

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    Think about IT culture and its two main aspects:

    (1) the structural placement of the IT function within an organization
    (2) the philosophical approach to the development, deployment, and use of IT

    In terms of changing and transforming an organization, which of these two would present the greatest challenge? Justify your answer.

    Of the three types of structural placement of the IT function within an organization, which do you believe is most common?

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    Organizations, in their aim towards better performance, better competitive positions, and better ways of adapting to the change of time, integrate IT applications in their system. However, it could not be denied that this requires cost and some risks in many aspects of the company's operations, especially when the organization is not ready for the change.

    The Challenge

    Between the two main aspects and approaches of integrating IT into the organizational culture that include the structural and philosophical approaches, it is the philosophical approach that poses a greater challenge to the management.

    The structural approach has something to do with decisions on organization aspect. One option is to have a totally separate department that provides needs ...

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