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    Discuss the twin structural issues: differentiation and integration.

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    Discuss the twin structural issues: differentiation and integration. Coordination must be achieved at both the micro- and the macro-levels. Discuss how this relates to the following:
    - Interdependence
    - Structural Approaches to Coordination
    - Line and Staff Positions
    - Integrated Delivery Systems
    - Centralization and Decentralization

    Micro-level processes actually achieve the coordination needed for the organization to function effectively. Accomplishing this requires determination of whether or not the work is programmable and how familiar the workers are with a particular action or decision. The most effective ways of achieving coordination vary with the characteristics of the work performed, primarily its certainty or uncertainty. Discuss Micro-level coordination as it relates to the following:
    - Programming Approaches to Coordination - situations of certainty
    - Feedback Approaches to Coordination - situations of high uncertainty
    - Relational Coordination - aspect of both programming and feedback approaches.

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    Differentiation is the separation of business into key components. This is typical in a business as it becomes larger. Differentiation gives these separate entities more autonomy. In some large companies there is a definite culture difference between departments such as the information technology department and nursing yet they both need each other to function.

    Integration refers to how companies work together to make these different departments work at a high capacity. From an administrative point of view, the strategy of a business is to look at all the components to make good decisions for the greater good. Communication must be consistent and constant through a structured method to all departments in a differentiated system (Matsubayashi, 2007).

    This could be an example of people and departments depending on each other to share resources and information. Pooled interdependence requires that policies and procedures be standard over the organization and that each department keep these in mind when forming department specific regulations.

    Structural Approaches to Coordination
    Coordination between departments is often required for complex projects and takes a lot of time and effort for the teams that are working to manage or design. A structural approach systematic procedures has goal setting and objectives for the managers to employ with workers. Each member of the team feels that are an important contributor to the overall function of the operations of the institutions (Chen, Tang, & Wang, 2009).).

    Line and Staff ...

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    The solution discusses the twin structural issues regarding differentiation and integration.