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Utility and Product Placement

How did/does marketing add utility to some product or service you've recently purchased? There are four types of utility. Your purchase likely satisfied one or more type of utility. Remember that utility exists if the product or service has a value for you. What was the form of utility(s)? How was that utility created?

How did the distribution and placement of the product affect your purchase? How important do you think is product placement and why?

Note: Remember the 4 P's of marketing below -- also known as the marketing mix --and how they are part of the bigger concept of marketing strategy for each target market.
1. product
2. price
3. distribution (or placement)
4. promotion

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Recently, I purchased some hair products from an online marketplace and I needed it to ship to me within 2 weeks as I would be out of that product in that time frame. The company offered a faster shipping option at no additional cost to me, so I chose that. I had the product within a week. The utility that was satisfied was that of time. "Ensuring a product is available ...

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A discussion regarding the 4 P's of marketing as well as how marketing added utility to a product or service recently purchased. 236 words, 1 reference.