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Successful Company & Failure Company

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Considering a business that failed and one that succeeded within the last 5 years what are each organization's objectives, vision, and mission?

What are the indicators of the business failure and success from research, including aspects of the leadership style, communication, structure, and so forth?

What are the specific organizational behavior theories that could have predicted or explained the company's failure or success?

What was the role of leadership, management, organizational structure, and the culture of the organization and its departments in the failure and success of the businesses?

If you were the CEO of the failed organization before the business failure took place how would you lead the organization in a change process to prevent the impending failure?

What are the most vital areas for change?

What are the potential barriers you would face during the change process?

What are the power and political issues within the organization and how would you address these issues?

What steps would you follow to implement the organizational change?

Thank you in advance for your time and your expertise.

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Step 1
The company that has succeeded during the last five years is Google and the company that has failed during the last five years is Blackberry.
Google's objectives, vision, and mission are: "to provide access to the world's information in one click." The mission statement is: Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. While the company's philosophy lists ten things". https://abc.xyz/
Blackberry's vision, mission, and objectives are: "BlackBerry is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market. Through the development of integrated hardware, software and services that support multiple wireless network standards, RIM provides platforms and solutions for seamless access to time-sensitive information including email, phone, text messaging (SMS and MMS), Internet and intranet-based applications." http://global.blackberry.com/en/home.html

Step 2
The indicator of business failure in case of BlackBerry is weak leadership that does not promote innovation and creativity. BlackBerry did not receive communication from the market-place and so it declined. It focused on enterprise customers, ignoring individual customers. Also, it failed to receive communication related to app economy that led to the adoption of iPhone and Android based devices. The company has a hierarchical structure that is not suitable for open communication so important in a fast evolving industry. This chocked off new ideas. The greatest indicator of failure is that BlackBerry's net income has been negative for the last four years. Its latest net income is a loss of $208 million.
The indicator of success in case of Google Inc currently known as Alphabet Inc is that its leadership style is excellent. It is a transformational leadership style that values its employees. The organizational structure encourages an open doors policy. The employees say they are satisfied with their jobs, their work improves the world, their compensation is the best, and their job is low-stress. Open communications encourages innovation and creativity. The top indicator is ...

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