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    Company strategies - success or failure

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    Please help with the following problem. Include references in the response.

    Research the Internet for a company that has either:

    Been very successful from a specific strategy.
    Experienced failure or devastating results from a specific strategic perspective.

    Identify the company and the specific strategies that have been key to their success or demise.

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    One of the most widely used examples in colleges and the business environment of a business strategy failure is Linspire. The Linspire failure shows perfectly how a company should not deviate a basic business principle. Businesses who try to charge consumers for what they have always gotten for free really don't get too far, and for the record, neither does trying to play on a Windows name.

    Michael Robertson started MP3.com, the widely advertised internet site. After leaving the venture at MP3, he ...

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    The Linspire company is researched and used to discuss how the business strategy resulted in failure. References are included in this 300 word response.