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Global Marketing Strategies: Model for Market Selection

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Write a summary paper on assigned topics: global marketing strategies, and management models.

Based on literature review construct a model for market selection.

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Global Marketing Strategies

When marketing a product globally, the marketer must properly know the marketplace where the product(s) will be presented. Marketing strategies must embrace the culture, not alienate the culture. Many companies misjudge their competitors and this misjudgment can lead to a decrease in market share. "A surprisingly small number of companies do not have top marketing teams that include executives from various countries." (Wharton 1999) How can a company succeed without the knowledge of the local business community? Success will not be likely. History has proven failures, such as the Daimler Chrysler merger. Lack of culture knowledge was the demise of this "dream" merger. (ABC News 2000)

Companies try to bring the culture of their nation to the world. Not all nations want change. How does a company meet the needs of expansion globally and respect the culture at the same time? To be successful, the company must conduct analyses that are incorporated in qualitative and quantative form. ...

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The solution discusses global marketing strategies and marketing models

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