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Perception of global business activities affected by international business courses

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Discuss how your perception of global business activity has been affected by this course and two concepts or ideas discussed in this course that contributed to these affects on your perception. Be sure to explain what each of these concepts is and how each has affected your perception.

The course is international business "The challenge of global competition", 12th edition by Ball, Geringer, Minor, and McNett. Please use at least 400 or more words.

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Impact of Course on Perception
The course includes various aspects of the global business activities, which a business should know before entering in a foreign country for the purpose of business. It includes most recent data, maps, and other elements, which may affect the global business activities. the perception about the international business has changed with this course as now I have gained understanding that increase in liberalization worldwide, increase in capital sources are some of the major aspects, which are increasing challenges for the domestic as well as global firms due to rapid change in the international business environment (Ball, Geringer, Minor & McNett, 2010). I also came to know that forms are required to choose appropriate strategies for entering in a foreign marker as wrong selection may affect the ...

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The perception of global business activities are determined.

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