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    International Business Law: Example Questions

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    1) How does technology affect international business?
    2) What are some of the technological advances in telecommunications and transportation that have influenced global business in the last decade?
    3) How have these technological advances affected Globalization?
    4) Would globalization have been possible without these technological advances WHY? or Why not?
    5) How does international law affect global business ventures? Should there be an international legal system? Explain your answer.

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    How Technology affects International Business:

    All the aspects of the working life have been affected to the technological advances that have been achieved in the past decades. Businesses have been revolutionized to take forth new forms that are appealing to the customers in the global market. This has led to increase in business profits in the company targeted regions in the diverse business market. Communication has been made easier between persons in different parts of the globe with the cost for communicating becoming increasingly irrelevant. The employees of a company do not have the need to be in close proximity with their clients for the sales to happen due to technology (The Effects, 1996).

    The efficiency of the organizational performance can be attained due to the technological penetration that has occurred in all the business functions. This has led to more effective companies that meet the needs of the clients in he market. Relations of business entities separate by distance can easily occur through teleconferencing sessions where the ideas can be shared. The access to well organized information of quality can be retrieved from the technological devices leading to the proper guidance and management of the international business entities.

    The production levels of the international organizations have been meet through the mass production of products and services is all credited the technological equipments. The incorporation of the job functions of the company with the functions of the company creates a ...

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