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Are CEO's responsible for the failure of their companies?

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Why CEO's are responsible for the failure of the company? What is he and isn't he responsible for? Examples of CEO failure and the impact it had on the company. What should he do during hard times for his company?

- An outline for the report for this case study
- A short writeup of the role a CEO has in his company. What is he and isn't he responsible for?
- Recommendations for the CEO when the company is declining or failing.
- Examples showing company failure due to CEO (2 or 3 examples like why Blockbuster failed due to the CEO's role).

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I. Discuss the role of the CEO of the company.
A. What can a CEO control and what can't he control
B. The buck stops at the top but some things are outside his control
II. List examples of CEO induced company failure
A. Could this have been averted
B. Are there examples of other similar companies that took a different path and succeeded where this company failed?
III. What should a CEO focus on
A. How does this change when times are tough for the company?
IV Conclusion

First off, discuss what a CEO has control over and what he doesn't. In a large company, a CEO has a very prominent role in the strategic direction of the company. In addressing CEO ...

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Thank you in advance for your time and your expertise.

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