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    Analyze 'Strategic roles for model leaders' case study

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    See the attached case study file.

    1- Write a summery of your understanding in this case study...what are the case study about

    2- Learning points (what are the main points that the case talk about)

    3- Critical analysis (agreed or disagreed and why) write your own idea about the case study ...do you agree about what the author believes of not, and why

    4- Discussion: discuss the the main idea in the case study ...use your way of thinking in order to develop a strategical way of thinking

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    Strategic Roles for Model Leaders

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    This case study is about the discussion and findings of strategic responsibilities of the model leader. It particularly focuses on the findings of strategic responsibilities that are required for achieving success by a model leader. In this case along with peculiar findings it is deliberated that the imperative strategic responsibilities, which are essential for company CEO's and other prominent leaders are as follows:
    ? The first and the foremost strategic responsibility of a leader are to put business model innovation on the company's agenda.
    ? Another significant strategic responsibility of a leader in the direction of achieving success is to encourage experimentation with business model innovation.
    ? Subsequent to encouraging experimentation, defining and establishing an on-going process is a strategic responsibility of a CEO as it will help in creating improved business models.
    ? Last prominent strategic responsibility of a CEO is to make business model innovation a priority over streamlining the existing business models when conflicts arise (Mitchell, 2006).

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    The most significant learning points that can be drawn from this case study discussion are as follows:
    ? Every leader like CEO's of present companies should follow some ...

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