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    Agree that consultants' roles and leaders' roles

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    1. Do you agree that consultants' roles and leaders' roles can be described adequately in this matrix?

    2. Don't organizations seek to hire "experts" to help solve problems? On the other hand, don't consultants often sell themselves as "experts?" What's the danger in that approach?

    3. How can organizations and consultants do to achieve a collaborative relationship? What, specifically?

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    Answer 1: Role of Leaders and Consultants
    Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and connected. Leadership emphasizes on transformational aspect that means it recognize the need for change, to execute it effectively. Leaders set the goals for shaping and reshaping the organization. They reconcile internal and external environment and mitigate internal conflicts. Leaders clarify and set goals with subordinates and remove the obstacles to their performance that leads to find the best path for achieving the goals (Sahadev, 2005).
    Whereas consultants assist the organization to diagnose the problems, develop factual information; recommend optimum solutions and aid in implementation activities. They deliver total objectivity in analysis and recommendations to each assignment and analyze the information to provide the most economical and profitable recommendations. Consultants work with managers and leaders to develop solutions within specified time limits. They apply their specialized knowledge to provide competent solutions for a client problem that help to improve management performance (Bessant & Rush, 2008).
    Consultant can function as an expert in special field, who advises to resolve any issue or complex situation. Consultants may also provide organizational change management ...

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    The expert determines whether they agree with consultants' roles and leaders' roles can be described adequately in this matrix.