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    The Roles, Functions, and Responsibilities of Consultants

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    Discuss with them the roles, functions, and responsibilities of consultants to their clients. Are there differences between internal and external consultants?

    What are the 5 phases to consulting?

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    The role of a consultant is to provide advice based on their exponential realm of expertise. Brainmass Experts can be classified as consultants because students or business professionals petition the Brainmass community for advice or assistance with various problems in hopes of finding the right solution. Consultants are classified as problem solvers who can review a problem objectively and dissect the problem in its entirety to pinpoint the underlying cause of a problem. In other words consultants are the extra pair of eyes that can immediately spot problem areas that are otherwise unidentifiable to those who are working with the same problem everyday. For instance, in writing, it is imperative to have another person to review your work for the reason that it is possible to make a plethora of grammatical errors. A person could read, proofread, and then reread the same text and still miss a few minor errors. This is where an editor or the extra pair of eyes comes into play because they automatically find issues that the writer overlooked. For the sake of the aforementioned scenario, consultants are to an organization what an editor is to a writer.
    Consultants can also be referred to as somewhat of a life coach to an organization. They offer critical expertise and wisdom for organizations that are facing troubled times or organizations that desire an objective perspective before implementing important decisions. Consultants merely suggest potential strategy for consideration. They have a specific set of skills that require them to evaluate the problem or threat from all sides of the spectrum in order to properly align a strategic method. Some organizations rely on external sources that ...

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    The roles, functions and responsibilities of consultants are examined.