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    Business consulting

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    Please help with the below questions

    1. Why is defining the problem important in consulting? What framework can you use in defining a client's problem? How would you use such a framework?

    2. What is the consultant's role in management consulting? How a consultant could's economic, legal, and moral responsibilities affect the organization's best interests?

    ***Please Use at least one direct quote per question from the text ( chapters that will be attached). Cite the quote and include the reference at the end of your response*** APA format

    Block, P., & Nowlan, J. (2011). Flawless consulting. A guide to getting your expertise used (3rd ed.). John Wiley & Sons.

    Wickham, P., & Wickham, L. (2008). Management consulting: Delivering an effective project (3rd ed.). Harlow, England: Pearson.

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    1. Defining the problem is the first step in forming a consulting engagement. Problem arises from internal structure of the organization. It is the other side of the coin, one side of which is opportunity. To convert one side to another requires identification of problem. If problem is not known consultant's decisions would not be able to address it.
    Consultant's job is to discover whether client has correctly identified the problem and is the 'root cause'.
    The framework for defining client's problem consists of following steps:

    1. Brainstorming the cause: The consultant could use brainstorming to explore some of the causes of problem.

    2. Group Causes into major categories: From brainstorming, the causes of problems are grouped into major categories.

    3. Construct cause & effect diagram: "This useful tool (often called a 'fishbone diagram') was developed by Kaoru ...

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