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Organization Development Consulting Effectiveness

After viewing the 3 youtube links, would you write 2-3 pages in which you discuss the similarities and differences between internal and external consulting?

The Deloitte Consulting Internship Experience: How Far Will You Take It? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9qHZ3789qk

Internal Consultant - mcmmeislin.com

People at Business Consulting - Shawn, Part 1

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The business of consulting provides an opportunity for a firm to assist the business in succeeding within the targeted marketplace. The challenges within the business environment creates proactive strategies for identifying deficiencies for turning around the situation to a productive organization. Business consulting is proactive for organizations to take charge of their business operations with either internal or external consulting to identify problem areas and offer strategic solutions. Therefore, the outcome is more beneficial for organizations to take the inventory that delivers results when internal or external consulting can render a lasting impression.

Internal consultant relates to having an in-house consultant department that works hand-in-hand for a collaborated effort to ensuring ...

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The development of organizations for effectiven consulting practices at different companies strategic approach for long term success.