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    Consultant Communications

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    How can you gain feedback throughout the consulting process? How can you use that feedback to shape your consultant communications?

    In evaluating your consultant communications, how would you determine your own effectiveness after completing your communications? What are some tools that you could use to measure the effectiveness of your consultant communications

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    Feedback shouldn't simply be one step on many in the consulting process. Feedback should, instead, be sought throughout the process and the consultant should use that feedback to shape communications with the client. This feedback loop starts the day that a consultant meets his potential client.

    For example, the consultant might say to the client: "Today, I will explore your concerns, the issues you face, and opportunities for change. Then I will ask you some questions and I will be eager to speak to others in the organization as well so that I ...

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    Feedback is important in consulting. Explains the communications tools that make better consultants.