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    Security suggestions for laptop users

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    Andersen & Sons is a large marketing firm with four offices in the Chicago area. Each office has Windows Server 2003, and all servers are in a single domain. One office accommodates the administrative and business department, one is used for market research, and the other two are printing and publishing.

    The IT department in Andersen is undergoing major restructuring. In the meantime they have hired you as a consultant to craft their security policies.

    What security suggestions do you have for laptop users to securely access network resources, and to secure files on their laptops?

    Describe to Andersen & Sons how they might create a security template and some useful settings. What security suggestions do you have to secure communications from Human Resources server to the Payroll server?

    Describe to Andersen & Sons might set up auditing.

    You are in the role of a consultant. Provide a document fitting for your client. Include all the information that your client will find useful. Regarding laptop security, you should think of it from the perspective of data both on the system and on the network. Access to the network should be from both local and remote locations. Explain the technology thoroughly. Be sure to respond to the questions posed directly. But remember, as in any consulting engagement, the client may not have asked all the questions so make sure you consider the entire project. Include any assumptions that you make with regard to this project. Your document length should be 3-5 pages.

    Remember cites your sources.

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