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Why should a business use Microsoft XP pro?

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I need a respose showing why a business should use Microsoft XP pro instead of others. Advantages and disadvatages compared to the others.

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Top Benefits:

Helps Protect Your PC

Automatically keep your PC up-to-date with the latest security enhancements including the Windows Security Center, Windows Firewall, and more to help protect your computer from viruses and worms that can spread through the Internet.

Quickly Connect to Wireless Networks

Windows XP Professional provides rich, wireless network support, helping you simply and easily connect to wireless networks whether in your home, office, or out on the road.

Keep Your Laptop More Secure

The Encrypting File System, only in Windows XP Professional, provides an additional level of file protection from hackers and data theft by transparently encrypting files with a randomly generated key. If your laptop gets stolen or lost, unauthorized users should not be able to read or view your confidential files.

Get More Life Out of Your Laptop Battery

Save battery power when you're working on the road, at the library, or coffee shop. Windows XP Professional extends battery life by managing the way your laptop uses power. Now you can work longer on battery power and more accurately forecast how long your batteries will last.

Set Up and Share Your Computer Quickly and Easily

Quickly set up and connect all the computers, printers, devices, and an Internet connection in your home with the all new Network Setup Wizard. Sharing a computer with others has never been easier; quickly access your personal files and accounts without having to close applications or restart the computer.

Easy To Use

The clean, simple design of Windows XP Professional puts the features you use most often at your fingertips, helping you find them quickly.

Work From Anywhere

The ...

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Why should a business use Microsoft XP pro?