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Request for Proposal Criteria

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Discuss the criteria (cost, requirement, experiences, etc) that will be used to evaluate the offers that are based upon the Vendor's response to the RFP (See attach RFP).

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For the RFP, the Boardman Group can expect to get multiple responses from vendors. All responses need to be evaluated on cost, requirement, experience and skills of team members. Only those vendors who are able to fulfill all conditions should be called for further discussion.

The total cost for fulfilling all requirements should not exceed $50,000. Vendors who have experience in managing a similar configuration with a past client could be given preferences over others, even if the cost is higher than that budgeted by Boardman Group. However, it cannot be more than 10%. The total cost would include all specified requirements. Any change in the project would be billed separately.

Vendors should be able to meet all basic requirements stated in the request for proposal. It includes responsibility to complete the project on time and within the stated budget. There are requirements for standardizing hardware and word processing software (Microsoft Office 2010) across all locations of the group: ...

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