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    Company Request for Proposal

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    Read the following scenario:

    You are a manager or supervisor of a company, and you need to acquire trainers to train your staff on using Microsoft® Office® programs. You must request proposals from various training companies and trainers to fill this need.

    Please assist in writing a request for proposal (RFP) and include the following:

    - Introduction to the company

    - Description of your company
    - Your company's business goals

    - Introduction to the project

    - Project goals
    - Time allocated to complete the project
    - Budget for the project
    - Description of the needed training

    - Administrative information

    - Desired qualifications
    - Requirements for formatting and submitting proposals
    - Confidentiality notice of all proposal submissions
    - Employer and organizational reference requirements
    - Contact information for clarification or questions
    - Deadline for proposal submission
    - Timeframe for vendor selection
    - Selection criteria

    - Other items that may be important for inquiring candidates

    Format the RFP using examples from your textbooks or additional research and consistent with APA guidelines. The following must be included:
    - Cover page
    - Page numbers
    - Headers and footers
    - Headings.

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    This is an outline using the outline provided. You will want to add to it, using your class information and text books.

    - Introduction to the company

    Saunders Construction and Homes Sales (Saunders) is a company that believes in giving families a value beyond the norm for their homes. We have been in business for fifty two (52) years and have built thousands of homes for satisfied customers. We use the latest technology and information to build safer, more environmentally compatible homes, while using both efficient supply chain and sub contracting businesses to keep costs low.

    The Goal of Every Home Sale and Every Home Built is to provide a safe, affordable home with added value for the consumer and the community. We provide the most current technology and innovations to make our homes the homes that people ask for, no matter who they are using as their homebuilder. We want to continue this foundation through the future.

    - Introduction to the project

    The Microsoft Company is soon to release their newest version of Microsoft Office Suite. Our office staff has been using MS Office 2007 with some 2010 upgrades. We use the Office Suite programs to do business, maintain contacts, inform employees, and monitor progress on our homes and sales.
    We are committed to continuing our services with the most advanced programs and we intend to upgrade to the new MS Office Suite upon its release. This means that our office staff will need to be trained to use the newer features. Additionally, we intend ...

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