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Email Upgrade for Ohio Department of Human Services: Procurement Process

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What is required in this assignment and what it should look like? Examples will be greatly appreciated.

1.0 Overview: describe the Procurement Management Process you will use
2.0 Contract Planning: Individual Deliverable.
2.1 Write a statement of work (SOW) describing the project deliverables and scope of the effort. You will need to make creative assumptions based on the outline provided in the scenario. The emphasis here is on demonstrating your understanding of the content or type of information that would be contained in a SOW
2.2 Identify two potential types of contracts you would consider, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each.
3.0 Evaluation Criteria: Group Deliverable. Use the Small Group Discussion Board to coordinate your group activities.
3.1 Develop ten evaluation criteria you will use to evaluate vendor proposals.
3.2 Develop a weighting chart and methodology that assigns a weighted value to each criterion and describe your selection methodology.

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1.0 Overview

Email Upgrade for Ohio Department of Human Services

The company employs a procurement management process which involves six major steps such as procurement planning, solicitation planning, solicitation, source selection, contract administration and contract closeout. By following these steps, the needs of the project will be identified, documents that support solicitation will be provided, information will be obtained from the prospective buyers, bids and proposals from the sellers will be received, ensuring that a seller's performance meets contractual requirements, and finally, ensuring that a contract is settled and completed (Procurement management, 2005).

2.0 Contract Planning

The documentation of products and services as well as their requirements and identifying the potential procurement sources is referred to as contract planning. The process of contract planning involves the act of identifying the need, purchasing the plan and developing request. Need identification involves the act of determining what is actually required with an aim of achieving the results which are intended for an individual or the outcome of a contract (Procurement management, 2005).

2.1 Statement of work


The Ohio department of human services wants to upgrade its email. The objective therefore involves the act of ensuring that the department of human services email is upgraded. An example of the statement of work is the Project Title: Floridan Aquifer Wells (2) at Dixie Wellfield (Statement of work examples, n.d).

2.2 Two types of potential contracts while outlining their advantages and disadvantages

I would consider principle types of contracts and unit price of contracts where the principal types is made up of cost and fixed price while unit price is made up of simple purchase order and fixed price per unit of goods or services. The fixed price contract has the capability of providing for a firm's price in cases which are ...

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