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High Level Charter

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As a newly assigned project manager for the Ohio Department of Human Services, you are excited about working with technology projects throughout the state. The Ohio Department of Human Services' (ODHS) Office of Network Support (ONS) is responsible for managing the network and software applications for over 15,000 state and county agency employees throughout Ohio's 88 counties. The office coordinates software upgrades and network modifications from an operations center located in the capital, Columbus, with assistance from local technology employees in each of the county seats.

The position is not without its challenges, however. The network infrastructure throughout the state ranges from high quality, high-bandwidth connections in major population centers to older, partially working connections in the poorer, more regional counties. Additionally, budget and resources are a constant issue, with a high turnover rate among existing employees and an emphasis on outsourcing the labor force to several vendors to accomplish the myriad of support and project tasks. The initial assignment is to examine the viability and costs associated with upgrading the existing e-mail, with the objective of developing the implementation project for the organization. ODHS had adopted the e-mail software called Globalupgrades (a Worldviewupgrades product) as its e-mail standard in 1994 and executed minor upgrades since then. However, the latest version of Globalupgrades, Version 9.0, contains significant enhancements desired by the ODHS user base, and the existing Version 7.0's support will be phased out in the next year by Worldviewupgrades. The Worldviewupgrades sales representatives have been offering discounts for a Version 9.0 license, but the costs are approximately 20% more than previous licenses. Additionally, several other e-mail product vendors are lobbying state officials for business, some of them offering significant incentives. Generally, these products are viewed as less robust than Global upgrades, but there are some segments of the user community that are supportive of these other options.

You are reviewing the existing documentation on the current state of the e-mail system, including license agreements and the Worldviewupgrades Globalupgrades 9.0 preliminary proposal. You are also examining the staffing structure and developing ideas on how to accomplish this task. In two weeks, you will need to brief the ONS Director on your planned approach to completing this effort.

Develop a high-level project charter for the E-Mail Upgrade Project described in the scenario. Also, prepare and submit a statement of work, identification of a project management methodology and project team, and a baseline schedule. While the scenario does not contain enough specifics to completely fill out the charter, you can use the project team member list below to creatively provide the missing detail by making the necessary assumptions.

Use the following guidelines to complete this assignment:
- The statement of work should define the project objective.
- The project management methodology section should explain the project management model that will be used to manage the project.
- The project team section should explain the relationship among the team members and amplify their role based on your understanding of the methodology.
- The baseline schedule should identify the key milestones and deliverables of the project and may be presented in a basic Gantt chart or other graphical format, including a table.
Project Team List Candidates & Roles
- You: Project Manager for the Office of Network Support, ODHS. Key PM for the E-Mail Upgrade Project.
- Peter Parker: Director of Office of Network Support and project sponsor.
- Diana Prince: ONS Software Engineer with specific experience in implementing and administering various e-mail systems.
- Steve Rogers: Globalcom's sales representative and chief point of contact for the State.
- Linda Lee Danvers: a support specialist within the ODHS, selected as the liaison between the ODHS User Group community and the project team.
- ODHS User Group: a number of ODHS employees that are used to test system upgrades before implementation.

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Step 1
The statement of work:
The project objective is to make significant enhancements to Globalupgrades which are desired by the ODHS user base. Specifically, the objectives of the project are per-account searching, auto-saving of draft e-mails, ability of the user to view attachments instantly, a new home screen that makes it easier to find information about the account, a built in security tool that checks outgoing links for malicious content, and 25 GB of extra storage.

Step 2
The project management methodology that will be used to manage the project is Agile Model. This model is based on iterative and incremental development where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross functional teams. This model will enable quick and flexible response to change. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery. The model focuses on quality. In case of Globalupgrades Version ...

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