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    Project Charter for Telecommunication Tasks

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    Create a project charter for a telecommunication project to include a Statement of Work (SOW), Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) for a selected project task.

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    Please find below my research about the theory of project charter and how to create it and its elements such as the WBS, SOW and the RAM. I have also included sample project charters, SOWs, WBSs, and RAMs on telecommunications that you can refer when you create your charter.

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    Creating a Project Charter:
    A project charter is a document with a proposal request and a part of the project management process to serve as guideline for projects in the future as it becomes an important data in the company's knowledge management system. A project charter contains the statement of objectives of a project. It details the goals, responsibilities and roles as it identifies the stakeholders and the degree of authority of the manager of the project.
    The project charter is important as it puts into writing the reasons of taking the project, the objectives and its constraints, solutions to the problem, and it identifies the project's main stakeholders.
    Among the elements required to create a good project charter are the following: identity of the project; start date and deadline; people involved; objectives and targets; reason for undertaking project; a thorough explanation of the problem or opportunity; expectations of the project; results in terms of performance; estimated date to achieve objectives; detailed description of roles and responsibilities of people involved; resources required; risks and barriers involved; and an effective communication plan.
    The project charter is a reference tool that is also used for communication in planning a project. It is frequently referred for referring to important things and it is a key element to achieving success in ...

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    This solution of 752 words explains a project charter and how to create it with examples, and includes a Statement of Work (SOW), Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM). References used are included.