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    Project Management Cycle in a New Telecommunication Database

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    Develop a report utilizing the project management cycle model. Assume that the project is approaching the halfway point and your client has requested a milestone review of the project. Clients do not always understand why the progress appears as slow. Prepare a summary analysis based on the Telecommunication project plan using a project management software to demonstrate schedule of milestones met and those yet to be accomplished.

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    The PM Life Cycle model is the process to conducting the noted project tasks for deliverable set on timetables for completing the overall final project. Thus, the objective is to focus on main tasks completed making up the overall deliverable during the halfway point based on project structure. The key element in focus relate towards the client's need for creating central tasks required in leading towards project completion, hence, the milestone is paramount for completion leading up to the critical point of reference to finishing project scope.

    By reviewing the project status now, the report entails several factors that corresponded to impacting the business objective in conducting project efficiency method. In review, the team accountability to staffing the needed areas provides a paramount assessment to making sure everyone covers key tasks. The milestone can reflect through a network grid through Microsoft Project to outlying the tasks successfully completed up to the point of summary assessment and lack thereof. The key objective is in understanding the reporting as the current status so far in leading towards completion based on dates (days) shortcomings occurred that illustrated ...

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    This response is a review of the project management cycle within a new telecommunication database setup.