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Project Management Capstone

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Using the provided template for the Project Management Plan, prepare the Introduction section. For this assignment, I am responsible for including the following information:

This section will include a statement of the problem and its impact on the organization.

Identify the approaches that could be used to solve the problem.

Identify the source of the information, and discuss your findings.

Compare these findings, and identify the specific methodology that will be used for this project.

Using the provided template, complete the Scope and Purpose subsections, which are needed for the Introduction section.

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--The Introduction section - For this assignment, I am responsible for including the following information: This section will include a statement of the problem and its impact on the organization.

Consider the state of the problem as a main issue preventing the progression of an organization in meeting their direct goals towards success. In the aims to improving proficiency, the database system is requiring revamping in several departments that assists work teams employees. The project is centered on slow productivity in processing tasks those problems in delivering products on time for customers. The quality control levels can lack in oversight to assure product or services meets guidelines to producing an effective mainframe for operating long-term within product cycle. Thus, the statement of the problem should relay a main element of reference that prevents business continuity:

Example of statement of the problem needing a project initiative scope:

"The problem in product process development involves the latency in clearing one phase to another due to the outdated internal database system utilized by work teams. The latency problem is in both the coding programming to properly identify the 20 different varieties in reaching accuracy in selecting actual specifications. Without the inset in new coding database system for ...

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The review into project management method in project creation for an organization's goal for improving internal operations.

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