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    Conjoint analysis

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    I have completed some of the requirements and submitted it. I will include the instructors response. Can you assist me in completing the requirements?

    Thank you
    From Instructor:
    Please review the requirements and format for this module and reviser your module. in addition, please do not use "me", "I", "my", etc. Instead use "this researcher", "the research", etc.

    1. Begin with a cover sheet with the title of your project proposal, the date of submission and your name and email address.

    2. Construct a table of contents (a maximum of one page) in which you outline the sections of your proposal.

    3. Document your proposal commencing with an introduction to the project (a project description), your rationale for selecting the topic, and a brief statement of how you see the intended project fitting into your program of studies and areas of professional interest. This should be 1-2 pages in length.

    4. Include a discussion related to the literature search that you have conducted through both conventional and online search activity. This should also include some discussion of some of the key sources of information that you will likely be able to utilize in the completion of your Capstone Project. This should be about 1-2 pages in length.

    5. State the research question(s) and elaborate upon what approach you will take to investigating the issues that you wish to address or the problem that you wish to resolve in your project. This should be about 1 page in length.

    6. Provide a narrative description of the format and research design (Module 1(c)) that you have chosen to employ in the conduct of your capstone project. If the project intended uses an alternative model (case study or business plan, etc) you can also use this section to describe the methodology that will be employed to attain the required result. Length will vary here depending upon the methods used but should take about 1-2 pages to complete.

    7. Discuss the expected outcomes or alternatives that you anticipate from undertaking this capstone project. We understand this may be speculative at this point in time but we simply wish you to consider what outcomes you deem possible from this major assignment. You should also comment here on the personal and/or organizational benefits that may likely flow from this management research project. Length may vary from 1-3 pages.

    8. Finally, provide a brief statement of what you believe would make your project a success. If you were asked to evaluate this project at this point in the process what criteria would you recommend as being useful in conducting such an evaluation.

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